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Workout of the day

The WOD is your daily dose of variety and challenge, carefully crafted by our expert coaches.



E90SEC x 8 Sets

Sets 1-4: 2 Split-Jerks

Sets 5-8: 1 Split-Jerks

Build over the 6 working sets to finish AHAFA. 6Focus on a solid catch position, your arms should lock out the same time your feet hit the ground. Hold the catch position before moving your feet for 2 sec. Focus on using your legs, the bar should be in a solid rack position so you can drive the bar off your shoulders with leg drive.


5-Rounds for time:

10 Barbell floor-press
100 m Sandbag carry
10 T2B

Floor-press weights:

L1: #65/95
L2: #85/115
L3: #95/135


Core Finisher

20 Hollow-rocks
20 Tuck-ups
20 Bicycle crunches
20 V-ups


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